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  • UNIQUE DESIGN] Wrought iron s Hollow out wind chimes, Retro wind chimes add color to your garden courtyard and balcony. Combine butterfly, flower, with wind chimes, make the wind chimes more interesting and vivid. The butterfly is loyal to the couple and has only one partner in his life. He is one of the representatives of the insect industry. you can give your love, say you are my only.
  • [HIGH QUALITY] Wind chimes are made of classic old-fashioned paint, made of high-quality iron and glass. This adorable wind chime consists of 4 aluminum tubes and stain glass. Exquisite butterfly wind chime has a melodious sound , each metal tube has its own unique tone when it collides. Our musical wind chimes offer a rich, lasting tone that can help relieve stress, relax us and reconnect us with nature.
  • [GOOD GIFT IDEA] Wind chimes represent beautiful blessings. It is the perfect choice for Birthdays, Weddings, Housewarming, New Year, Christmas, Anniversary, and so on. A great gift for yourself, grandparents, wife, family, colleagues, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.
  • [INDOOR & OUTDOOR DECORATION] Wind Chimes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, you can easily hang on the door, trees, or anywhere you like to decorate your home and garden. Gardens, halls, courtyards, patios, bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, as well as windows are great place to have this wind chime. The relaxing tone soothes your body and soul.

Product Description

  • Wrought iron glass hand painted spray wind chimes
  • Some Butterfly wind chimes are hung in the house, and a crisp sound is heard in the hot summer, which gives you a hint of coolness. It also represents a blessing, a hope, a miss, and a good past. Pray for blessing and happiness around you.
  • Wonderful sounds coming from your garden, is the sound of nature, the nature with the power of the wind to playing music, how pleasant scenery, immersed in it, how beautiful, how nice… Enjoy your own private symphony each time when the little wind blows with the beautifully soft sounds of Wind Chimes.
  • Give couple, the wind chimes of the couple have the feeling of love and thoughts, your heart has been beating because of him, I hope that the wind chimes will bring him good luck and blessings in the days when they can’t get together.
  • Give friends, the affection between friends is like a sweet ringtone, and when the bell rings, you can think of each other’s hearts and minds and bring a good mood.

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