VOKPROOF Metal Sun Wall Art Decor - 17.3Inches Sun Wall Garden Sculptures & Statues for Hanging Indoor and Outdoor Home Garden Decoration



  •  3D Sun Wall Art Decoration. Colorful sun wall décor gives life to any wall! The yellow and orange decals with soft edge non-toxic odorless paint are easy to clean.
  •  All you need to do is align the edge of the sun with the small hole and tighten the screw with the supplied small wrench. The hooks on the back for easy hanging and can be arranged however you please.
  •  Display it anywhere you want without worrying about the heat, sunlight, moisture, rain due to the paint-coated feature. Like yard, patio, kitchen, garden, fence, living room, background wall, dorm room etc.
  •  Vividly sun sculpture crafted with cut and bent sheet metal makes it a perfect gift. You can’t go wrong giving those who love gardening, decorating, and life a set of delicate artwork on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, birthday, housewarming, etc.

Product Description

Metal Sun Art Wall Décor

Would you need some decoration to hang outside on your patio, door, hallway?

Would you need colorful and bright wall art décor for your indoor living room?

You can try to hang the unique sun decoration which is sure to bring sunny to your home.

From the beginning of mankind, the Sun has been revered as a sacred symbol often associated with new beginnings, optimism, and positivity.

Whether you want to harness a bit of that sunny sensibility in your garden, backyard or patio or you just want to praise the glory of that brilliant hydrogen and helium sphere that helps your home warmly, our sun wall decorations are a great idea to do it.


Unique Pattern
  • Color Non-toxic Painted
  • The pattern like a peacock in his pride

3D Sun Face

Sun wall art and decorative accents including arabesque.

Unique Sun Art: 17.3Inches

Metal sun decoration is colorful, vividly, and bright style.

  • The 3D metal sun faces can be used as a welcome plaque, and as a gift and home décor pieces from Mexico.
  • The 3D sun face design which ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces including garages, patios and gardens.

The sun décor selection helps bring extreme warmth and well-being to your home.

What better way to add life funny,

whimsy and beautiful radiance to your outdoor paradise garden than with one of these renderings of one of the Milky Way’s brightest stars?

Our sun décor includes an incredible mixture of both babyface and traditional sun designs,

all of which celebrate the awe-inspiring properties of that big burning ball in the sky.

Metal Sun Art Wall Décor

All of this chromatic sunshine are finished with non-toxic paint.

Hanging well to ensure that they maintain their vibrancy, even after basking in the sun season after season.

As with all our outdoor decoration items, you can clean these metal suns with soft cleaning cloth to extend their lifespan.

How to Use?





Step 1

Pick out the accessory with the keyhole slots, fix this accessory and place it directly above eyes.

Step 2

Insert the nuts provided into screws and secure the screws and twist clockwise nuts to lock into place tightly .

Step 3

After tightening the nut with a wrench, and press down the fixed pin.

Step 4

Finished assemble and attach Sun Décor Pieces. Hang the sun décor where you like.

Product information