Shefio Ladybug Metal Wall Art - Outdoor/Indoor Rustic - Vintage 2-Tone Wall Hanging for Garden - Patio | Porch | Living Room | Kitchen - Handmade 3D Art Décor - 10x12 Inches - Blue/Red


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  • Meet Shefio’s newest and cutest art creature, Lydia Ladybug – every time you pass this gorgeous rustic / vintage yet modern metal wall art hanging outside or inside her antennae will transmit pure joy. This metal wall décor is weather proof and has a UV-resistant finish.
  •  At 10×12 inches, this metal art is very eye-catching. This sculptured art brings a garden or patio to life while emitting a relaxing vibe to your outdoor living space. Easy to hang on the wall or fence, the delicate beauty of this ladybug outdoor accessory is an attractive focal point in any setting. Relax and take comfort in this stunning artistic element.
  •  Ladybugs are a symbol of good luck in many cultures. The ladybug is said to give blessings to those she encounters. She brings smiles, beauty, and luck wherever she lands. So why not have her permanently gracing your home?
  • For a lot of people, the yard is the last place that they consider decorating, and receiving this beautiful ladybug decoration for wall as a gift is simply an eye-opener for them. It’s a lovely present for birthdays, Mothers Day, Engagement, Anniversary and of course Christmas. Give a gift with meaning this year!

Product Description

Let me introduce you to Lydia. She is a lovely handmade, colorful metal ladybug and she is the perfect addition to your indoor and outdoor décor. Blue and red, in a permanent state of showing off her colors, she’s a stunner and she’ll brighten up any space wherever you decide to hang her.

Ladybugs are one of the few insects we all seem to love. Lydia Ladybug has found a new home on your wall. Beautifully detailed, this stunning piece was designed by our artist and made by local artisans.

Created using an infusion process, this piece is weather durable and UV resistant.

All you have to do is enjoy the good vibes that she brings with her:

● Luck

● Wishes and dreams will soon come true.

● Worries and ailments will dissipate.

● New happiness is on its way.


This is a lightweight garden sculpture weighing just 0.8 lbs. and as such all you need is one screw to hold it in place indefinitely.

Product information

Color: Ladybug