MUMTOP 31 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder with Metal Stake Garden Yard Outdoor



  • Made of glass and stainless steel. Easy to assemble & clean, birdbath base is three-pronged bottom, added stability and can move this bath to the perfect spot effortlessly. Please follow Assembly Instructions to put together bird bath
  • Bird bath has weather resistant ,durable and colorful glass bowl design with scalloped edge, which is a gorgeous addition to any lawn, garden ,yard, outdoor space
  • Perfect to invite your feathered friend to enjoy it as bird bath or birdfeeder and colorful birdbath is also suitable for the garden yard lawn bird decorative
  • Bird bath holding water or feed can help to attracting birds to stay in your yard, bird will help to aerate soil for more water and nutrients, beauty your garden lawn

If you enjoy taking care of your neighborhood birds, you can place vibrant color Bird bath in your yard, garden, home.

Not only they can take a rest to drink, bathe and feeder, but also it will give you hours of entertainment watching your feathered friends.

Glass bird bath can add new beautiful decorative addition to your garden, and Invite birds to play in your backyard with metal stake bird bath

Garden Bird Bath

  • Bird Bath Easy to construct & use
  • Glass Bird Bath Weather resistant and durable
  • Garden Bird Bath Made of glass (vivid color) and stainless steel
  • Outdoor bird bath 3- pronged sturdy ground forked staked
  • Bird Bath for Outside It is very convenience to move and clean the bird bath bowl
  • Bird Bath & Bird Feeder as bird baths or bird feeder, which is perfect for place in your garden, lawn, yard, plant pot, flower pot, outdoor décor & use


Bird feeder

Attention Please

  • please follow Assembly Instructions to put together bird bath
  • Bird bath bowl is handmade and will have a little color differences
  • bird baths metal part are placed on four sides of the box, which are wrapped in cardboard, that is easily overlooked, patiently find it please
  • If you have any doubt about our birdbath, you can tell us by email please, we try our best to deal with your problem asap

Product information