Hummingbird and Flowers, Spring Wall Hanging Garden Decorations, Handmade in Haiti from Steel Drum Barrels, Gift for Her, Decorative Plaques 11 x 11 Inches



  • exceptionally fine detail is the hallmark of this lovely little floral sculpture.
  • Each bit of beading represents a hammer stroke and the bird’s wings and the sunflower leaves are hand-riveted additions.
  • Make sure to bend them out a little bit to fully take advantage of these 3-D design elements.
  • Our artists benefit from their own hard work, your purchases, and our fair trade practices.
  • Color variation from silver dark tones to brown bronze tones.

Product Description

Made from Recycled Steel Drum Barrels.

Handmade hummingbird feeding in the bloom. No machines used.

Handmade in Haiti from Recycled Steel Drum Oil Barrels

The Haitian metal hummingbird wall hanging art is completely hand cut from a flattened 55 gallon steel oil drum with all of the details for the piece expertly worked, with hammer and chisel, into a beautiful piece of collector quality Haitian steel drum art. Haitian steel drum metal art wall décor. A piece that you will be proud to show in your home.

Product information

Color: Hummingbird Feeding