Elegant Garden Design Screech Owl, Steel Silhouette with Rusty Patina



About this item

  • Handmade in steel from an original design and hand-rusted
  • Unique decoration for fences, gates, windows, trees, walls, or doors
  • SKU# B727 – height 8.0 inches, width 6.0 inches
  • Wings can be bent to add even more character and personality
  • Slender bottom plate with holes for screws or nails to fasten it securely

Product description

Size: Screech Owl

The screech owl can be almost invisible during the day in tree crannies or other nooks because of its great camouflage. Available as a welcome sign at #WE606. Handmade in steel from an original design and hand-rusted. Mount this silhouette on the top of a fence or wall in your garden, a tree branch, a windowsill, or to the rail of your deck. Use it as a unique accent to a planter, the top of a door, a fireplace mantel, or other interior design. SKU# B727 Dimensions: height 8.0 in., width 6.0 in.

Product information

Size: Screech Owl